Cardboard Boxes are one of the strongest and most likable packaging solutions presently. They are manufactured by using eco-friendly packaging material that is more likely to save the environment from land pollution. These boxes are composed of heavy paper-like material including cardstock, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard. The additional layers into these boxes increase their durability and sturdiness. SM Custom Packaging is also crafting these highly beneficial packaging solutions for its customers. These boxes are favorite among all other packaging solutions more than conventional packaging boxes. Other than this, Wholesale Cardboard Boxes possess some great benefits that are describing below.

  • Strong and durable packaging solution 

As cardboard is a sturdy packaging stock so the boxes that have cardboard as their main composing element are very strong. Cardboard Boxes Wholesale is an ideal packaging offer that is more likely to grab by retailers all over the world. Due to the durability of these boxes, they are a favorite of any other packaging boxes. We SM Custom Packaging increase their durability by adding some more layers of the stock on customer’s demand. You can tell us your requirements so that we can convert your boxes according to your needs and suitability.

  • Wholesale Cardboard Boxes available in a variety of box styles

The best thing in ordering Wholesale Cardboard Boxes is that they are available in plenty of variety. Various packaging manufacturers are crafting them in different styles. We SM Custom Packaging are also making a variety of box styles with cardboard stocks. For example, by using cardboard we make sleeve packaging for perfumes, clothes, and luxury items. Similarly, we make pillow packaging of cardboard to keep jewelry, cosmetics, and other stuff. Not only this, we use various kinds of food boxes using the same cardboard stocks. Moreover, all of these boxes are available wholesale. So, you can order as much as you want with the same quality and we will deliver them to you.

  • Cardboard Boxes best for both shipping and storage

Due to the increased risk factor of getting COVID-19 by going outside, people now like to order their stuff by sitting at their places. Online orders save time and lessen the risk of getting a virus. But only durable and captivating packaging will make your brand customer’s favorite for online orders. Cardboard Boxes are great options for shipping purposes. As these boxes are strong and durable so they can protect the inside packaging item in a better way. Sensitive and luxury items are also good to pack in these boxes for transportation. Moreover, those boxes are great for food to take away as they retain their freshness and flavors for a maximum period.

Other than shipping, Wholesale Cardboard Boxes are also ideal for displaying purposes. SM Custom Packaging crafts the best display packaging by using cardboard material. Beautiful add-ons and ornaments are utilizing to make display packaging look charming to customers. We have huge custom varieties for coatings and add-ons to choose from.

  • Printed Wholesale Cardboard Boxes

One of the greatest benefits of having Cardboard Boxes Wholesale is that these boxes depict the best printing designs over them. Unlike Kraft, these boxes give the best finishing of printing and lamination. Every kind of print and design looks great on these boxes. Moreover, SM Custom Packaging utilizes the latest printing techniques to print these boxes. We offer the larger custom varieties in this regard. For example, our digital printing is the newest and most likable by customers all over the world. Besides this, other printing techniques like screen printing and offset printing makes these boxes look more appealing.

Printed Wholesale Cardboard Boxes look perfect when lamination is done over them. We have custom varieties in laminations also. Matte, glossy, shiny, shimmery, and aqueous laminations are trendy and most used ones. Other than this, coatings like silver and gold foiling make these boxes look extra attractive and appealing.

  • Cost-effective Wholesale Cardboard Packaging

The main concern of every retailer during ordering wholesale packaging is pricing. He is scared of paying high prices for good-quality wholesale packaging. But this is not necessarily true as SM Custom Packaging is offering the most affordable rates for Wholesale Cardboard Boxes. Our boxes are cost-effective and economical. Any one of you can order them wholesale and will get special discounts in return. Moreover, our overall charges are also reasonable without wholesale discounts. We believe in taking the right money than overcharging. So, we are keeping our rates minimal and give wholesale discounts so that everyone can get their desirable packaging.


Designing a packaging box requires some creativity as an ordinary box does not appeal to anyone. You can make it at your home if you are professional. But we recommend you to get the help of some packaging professional to do this task for you. SM Custom Packaging is one of the most efficient and famous packaging companies. We are masters in making Wholesale Cardboard Packaging in all custom sizes and dimensions. Moreover, we design and plan your box creatively so that you can enjoy the desirable fame at your end.

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