The Glass Carriers

Transporting delicate goods or products from one place to another was once a pretty complicated task to achieve. However, with the gradual advancement or expansion of the packaging businesses, it became an easy task.
Therefore, many new, innovative, creative, and valuable ideas were presented. Moreover, the packaging industry gave very innovative ideas regarding the transportation of delicate goods, especially those products that are composed of glass.


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The SM Custom Packaging Company introduced glass carriers to transport your precious, delicate, and valuable glass items or any other material that is easily breakable.


You must be wondering what is exactly a Glass Carrier?

A glass carrier is a thick cardboard container that has several segments or chambers allotted to carry glass items. Glass carrier boxes are composed of durable and hard material. There are various sections inside the box so that the valuable and delicate items must remain safe. Also, the wine glasses, beakers, or goblets can be kept protected when they are fitted correctly in the empty portions inside the box.

Furthermore, there is no lid in the glass carriers. In this case, transparent plastic is used, which is tightly sealed via a sealing machine. Otherwise, manually this task is impossible.

The packaging company known as SM custom packaging company has a wide variety of glass carrier boxes for you. You can choose whatever you want. They are evaluated as one of the leading companies producing fine quality boxes and struggling efficiently day and night to provide packaging solutions regarding items that are made up of glass.

Although this is for sure that any packaging company can produce glass carriers, the best in the field is SM Custom Packaging Company as they have a team of skilled and trained workers. They know each and every detail and element of the packaging solutions. Also, they know what kinds of modifications can be created to enhance the packaging even more.

The packaging businesses like SM Custom Packaging Company have taken the composition of glass carrier packaging to the next phase of perfection, or you can say epitome. The usage of glass carriers is increasing day by day, and the packaging industry is confronting har competition when it is about making glass carriers.

The glass carriers are used and produced on a large scale. Not only are they used for the crockery items used at homes or restaurants and are provided to the market, but also, they are utilized at pharmacies to carry the glass medicine jars and bottles.

Whenever it is about laboratories or the installment of laboratories, the widely used thing on a large scale is the glass carrier. As you are aware that most of the appliances or types of equipment used in the laboratories are made up of glass. Glass carriers can be beneficial when installing up a laboratory.

Now you must be thinking Why Use Glass Carriers?

A few decades ago, the transportation of glass items to the market was an absolute catastrophe. Massive destruction used to incur the fragile goods. However, a lot of breakages and heavy losses were caused at that time. Furthermore, after the production or invention of innovative glass carriers, the damages have decreased. The companies of glass items or glass decorations that once used to confront heavy losses are now making double profits.

The SM Custom Packaging Company is catering to the necessities of the producers of glass goods. Moreover, the customized boxes made by SM Custom packaging are very easy to use and handled comfortably. You can easily avail of these boxes. Also, you can have customized and printed ones to promote the name of your brands.

Product Information

Box style; Glass Carrier
Dimension; as per the stipulation
Quantity; 100
Paper stock; Kraft, white cardboard
Colors; No printing, full color printing, CMYK/PMS
Finishing; Gloss, Matte ,
Options;, Die cut window, Spot UV, embossing , debossing
Artwork; Available as per the demand of the product
Proof;  2D & 3D digital proofing’s
Delivery time; 10 to 12 business days.
Shipping;  all the boxes will be shipping flat


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