The Four corner cake Boxes

It is a sort of cardboard box used for cake and cupcake packaging. In this case, the four corner cake boxes are inserted and secured to the base along with a top that covers it from above. The four corner cake box discount statues are longer than the cake’s length, so they can fit perfectly without damaging the cake. You can also increase the authority and make it more appropriate by adding a lattice window or a gold or silver foil.


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It is challenging to deliver cakes or other bakery items without damaging them. Even a tiny bump can eliminate the beautiful frosting of the cake. What can be done to prevent this? To solve this issue, the special boxes are specially designed for this purpose. They are four-cornered cake boxes. These boxes help keep items fresh and safe from damage.

The four corners launched by the SM Custom Packaging Company are specially designed to protect cakes, cupcakes, and various bakery items. These containers are intended to fit into a built-in support box that helps limit products’ movement in the Box. And thus prevent damage. The Box is designed so that it can be easily attached to a flat position, making it easier to transport. These boxes keep your product fresh. These boxes are very easy to assemble. If you want to show off your cake design, there are four corner cake boxes at the top of the window.




One has to be very attentive while designing the box, and everything has to be precise. Designing is a difficult task, so our creative department works day and night to give our customers a unique product. Four-cornered cake boxes vary in shape and size, depending on the bakery item. There are large boxes for cakes of different sizes, while small containers are used to hold cupcakes.

Insert the cream inside the boxes to prevent them from sticking to the lid. By using cardboard inserts, you can also put together a variety of flavors in one store. This Box can even be attached to the top handle, which allows the cake to be carried easily. A thin window piece on the head panel of the four-cornered cake boxes can also increase bakery sales as customers will be able to view the cake, which will increase sales potential. Not only this, with the help of the four corners of the Box, you can secure the Box. Also, it is the prevention of the products from spilling out.

Cake boxes can be designed and printed with several themes of the occasions for which the cake is prepared. Themes for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or any other event can be printed using SM Custom Packaging Company’s services. We have state-of-the-art digital and offset printing equipment that produces high-quality images and color schemes on your cake boxes.

You can even choose from several complementary options on four-cornered cake boxes to make them look fancy and attractive. On-demand can include gloss, matte finish, water coating, and foil. These ultimate options are perfect for gifts and party purposes. For marketing and branding, you can prominently print logos on custom-printed cake boxes to effectively promote confectionery.



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