Sending retail goods from one place to another requires protective packaging. Hence, retailer goes for a packaging box that is durable and strong. So, their products can reach their destination without any damage if they use proper packaging. In this manner, Custom Mailer Boxes are ideal to use. These boxes are made up of paperboard material. These are perfect for storing and transporting goods from one place to another without any damage. Due to their interlocking flaps and wing options, they are easy to assemble and use. No adhesive tape is required to make them, so they are likable to use and carry.

In customization, everything about the boxes can be of your choice. Customization can give anything according to the customer’s demands, from choosing material thickness to the final coatings over these boxes. So, depending upon your budgets and choices, you can choose whatever you like for your packages. For retail purposes, these boxes are ideal, and we are describing here how.

Solid and durable Custom Mailer Boxes For retail purposes, the packaging should be strong and durable. A good packaging box can protect the inside packing items in a better way. Therefore, Custom Mailer Boxes are used by all retailers. These boxes are durable enough to bear transportation hardships and pressures. Usually, these boxes possess double walls, so that’s why they become more solid and reliable to use. We here at SM Custom Packaging utilize the best paperboard stocks to make these boxes. If we increase the material thickness, the durability of the box is also getting increasing as a result.

Printed Mailer Boxes to attract customers

Mailer Boxes are of various kinds. Depending upon customer’s choices and desires, these boxes are designed accordingly. Printing on these mailer boxes makes them even more worthy than before. SM Custom Packaging utilizes the best and latest printing techniques for these boxes. We publish the necessary information about the retailing good and retailers on these boxes using the best printing inks. Moreover, Printed Mailer Boxes look charming and attractive to the customers, and they immediately decide to buy them. Colorful prints and a proper amount of printing inks make them suitable for marketing purposes.

Besides printing, the customer can also select his favorite color for the boxes. From trendy pop-up colors to decent shades, we have everything to customize.

Mailer Boxes–easy to assemble

Custom Mailer Boxes are very much easy to assemble. There is a specific factor in building this characterization. These boxes possess interlocking flaps and wings, due to which they can be created quite easily. Other than this, during the assembling of these boxes, no adhesive tape is required. So, this property makes them a favorite to use as retail packaging. SM Custom Packaging has a professional team that is crafting these boxes ideally. Our packages are best to use for retail reasons as well as for shipping purposes. Not only easy to assemble, but these boxes are also lightweight. So, carrying these boxes is comparatively more accessible than another retailing packaging. You can hold them easily and take them with you smoothly due to their unique attributes.

Available in all custom sizes and shapes

Retail products are of various types and dimensions. Some are tiny, while some hold more space than others. That’s the reason their packaging boxes are also of different types. Custom Mailer Boxes are unique from all other packaging boxes because they are accessible in all custom sizes and dimensions. We make them in every dimension, from tiny packaging boxes to larger containers for heavy and oversized things. SM Custom Packaging is much professional in making custom-size boxes because of our years of experience in this packaging industry. Innovative in these boxes makes them extra appealing for customers. So, we are making them perfect and ideal to use for retailing goods.

Mailer Boxes with coatings

Crafting a box requires many factors to consider during the process. The box’s material, printing, dimensions, and everything relating to the packaging must be on point. But another thing to focus on is their coatings and laminations. For Custom Mailer Boxes, we offer custom coatings and laminations. For example, matte, glossy, aqueous, and UV spot coatings make these boxes look more finishing. If you want to use these boxes for particular purposes, we SM Custom Packaging offer silver and gold foiling in this regard. By keeping in view the use, we design these packaging boxes accordingly.

Custom Mailer Boxes are preferable to retail packaging due to their sturdiness, lightweight property, and unique custom prints and designs. The other packaging providers are crafting these individual boxes, but our rates’ difference is quite significant. We are offering special discounts and wholesale prices that are very much reasonable and economical.



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