Trends of exchanging gift cards are, although not new, the ways of presenting them are changing at an incredible pace. Giving a gift card to your precious people is the cutest gesture that you can provide. So, we are here with our exclusive Gift Card Packaging to make your special events more memorable. Gift cards are given on birthdays, weddings, on achieving someone’s goals, etc. These cards include particular messages, quotes, and personal statements, to the receivers. Moreover, you can print your favorite person’s pictures, memorable moments with them on these cards. SM Custom Packaging helps you with its expertise in packing these precious gift cards into beautiful packaging.

Custom Gift Card Boxes are specially designed to glorify your special moments. These boxes depict the emotions that are associated with your unique gift cards. Through customization, you can give your favorite theme to these boxes also. Besides this, if you know what other person likes the most, you can also show that touch to your Gift Card Boxes. We will help you in designing your innovative custom packaging. Our designers are creative and artistic in their work to give people their desirable packaging.

Customize Your Gift Card Box by Different Means

Customization of a packaging box gives new life to dull, ordinary packaging. Our specialists make it easier for you to decide what you want. For Custom Gift Card Boxes, we always came up with new and innovative ideas. Our designer’s artistic thoughts and imaginative ideas give an ultimate gorgeous packaging box. For customization of these boxes, you should visit us at SM Custom Packaging. But if you want to customize your package by yourself, then we are here to give you some valuable tips in this regard.

Use trendy colors

A gift card itself is a colorful thing. People like to have different color gift cards for themselves. Some have a habit of collecting other cards. In every case, the colors of their packaging boxes matter more than anything else. Special colorful Gift Card Packaging is made to compliment the beautiful gift cards. We SM Custom Packaging use trendy custom colors and their beautiful shades to make our custom packaging. From pop-up and vibrant colors to light and decent ones, we give our customers what they want.

Besides this, we have CMYK and PMS coloring schemes as an option. You can select what suits your budget and what you like to have.

Apply different ornaments

Ornaments are beautifying things that can enhance the value of any product. When you apply embellishments or add-ons on any packaging box, they increase their visual appearance. We have unique custom add-ons options at SM Custom Packaging. We can make any packaging box look ravishing through our unique designs and beautiful appeals. For Gift Card Boxes, we have special ribbons, bows, beads, brooches, glitters, and stickers. We apply any of these embellishments to make your packaging box look extra appealing and captivating.

Use insertions

Along with utilizing ornaments and add-ons, using some good insertions for Gift Card Packaging is another unique idea to make it worthy. For insertions, our favorite material is Kraft and Cardboard. We design different custom insertions to place them in our special boxes. Along with gift cards, you can also print your special message on these insertions. Besides this, we craft these eco-friendly insertions in beautiful colors also. Thus, you can select them by matching your gift card. Moreover, these insertions are suitable for making different compartments into a Gift Card Box. In this manner, you can place various ting gifts also in this packaging.

Try different coatings for Gift Card Packaging

For coatings and laminations, we SM Custom Packaging have massive customizations to offer. Besides our own choices, we focus on giving our customers what they want. You can provide a luxury Custom Gift Card Box to your loved ones through gold and silver foiling. Moreover, choosing simple laminations can also serve the purpose, but they cannot give a luxury touch to your packaging. We offer different kinds of simple laminations also. Above all, choosing embossing or debossing is another excellent option to please your special people with your creative packaging.

Make your special events more special and memorable with Custom Gift Card Boxes.

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